A little birdy tells me that James Franco is at Warren Wilson College this week taking the college’s famed master’s writing course. Coolness. Thanks, little birdy!


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  3. If you wanna see ole boy go to Starbucks on charlotte st. evenings. Thats what I here. peace

  4. Well…is he still here?

  5. He is/was/comming back to GPI!!!

  6. A little bird told me he was staying at the GPI but checked out over the weekend.

  7. Jenny and Just Wondering,
    Now all we have to do is get Ash to give us some info on where he is staying, eating, etc…. hee hee
    I am looking forward to watching Milk more than ever.

  8. Just Wonderin says:

    James Franco is to die for. A gorgeous, thoughtful actor who comes across in interviews as a down-to-earth guy. I agree with Martha: he (and his fellow castmates) were awesome in "Freaks and Geeks," which you can get on DVD.

  9. Jenny Graves says:

    It’s hard to believe so many people in Asheville are not aware of who James Franco is. Especially shocking that readers of Ashvegas are so ignorant. His latest film is "Milk" one of the best films of the year. He has been a guest host of SNL and appeared in all sorts of other films and on tv talk shows. Where have you people been hiding?

    Ash, thanks for this item. He is so hot–and a great actor too.

  10. Gotta have me some Franco….LOVED him in Freaks and Geeks….awesome under-rated show

  11. Holy crap.

  12. Tell em Ash!

  13. Pineapple Express

  14. James Franco is hot! He also was in Pineapple Express. And if you haven’t seen Milk, see it — it’s a great, important film.

  15. He’s no Andi McDowell.

  16. i just told y’all who he is — a movie star. if you saw Spiderman, you saw him.

  17. I don’t know who he is either.

  18. Jeff, he also plays the boyfriend to Sean Penn’s character in the much acclaimed "Milk" in theaters now.

  19. Jeff, he’s a movie star. I remember him from the last couple of Spiderman movies.

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