We first blogged about Allgood back in January. Look for the new, just-opened coffeeshop in downtown Weaverville at 10 S. Main Street near Jack of Hearts.


Currently serving just coffee, coffee drinks, and baked goods, the venue plans to offer a vegetarian cafe menu including bagels, sandwiches, soups, and more.

Owners Eric and Anna Anderson run the place, with school-aged son Noah helping out. The Andersons bring 14 years of previous coffee shop management experience to their new venture.

Find Allgood in a renovated space on South Main that used to be where dirty firetrucks got a wash (there are still defunct drains on the floor), but the venue’s moved up in the world since then. With lovely ambrosia maple countertops, found-wood accents, and a high ceiling of polished wood, it’s like Tolkien’s forest elves made a coffee shop in downtown Lothlorien.

Allgood coffees are made with beans from Mountain Air Roasting (a local producer in Asheville), and 1000 Faces of Athens, Ga. Currently, baked goods are from West End Bakery in West Asheville, though Anna’s on the lookout for more vendors–and chocolate croissants. Other local touches include local pottery for sale.

Hours are 7-6 daily.

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Website coming soon



  1. LOVE THIS PLACE!! It’s really a special coffee house with magnificent energy:) Coffee is Amazing too!

  2. Congrats Eric and Anna! This is the best coffee house within many miles. The staff, coffee and atmosphere are all top notch. See you soon:).

  3. Thank goodness! Prior to this, the only place in Weaverville to get coffee was Well-Bred, which I refuse to support anymore. The food is delicious, but the owners and management staff are rude, self-absorbed idiots. I don’t think any barista has lasted more than 3 months working there due to the terrible working environment. YAY for Allgood Coffee, can’t wait to support you!

    • Truly, it’s a bad sign if you basically have a permanent ad in the Mountain X looking for employees.

      Very happy for Anna – she’s a great person and I hope their business does very well.

    • That is simply not true. I am a regular at the Well Bred and they have a wonderful group of people working there. The staff has been the same for a year; in fact I know a former employee who would like to get some more hours and has to wait until spring/summer when things get busier.

      I think it is great to see a new business opening in Weaverville, but I don’t think there is a need to put down an existing one in order to welcome a new one.

      The Well Bred is the hub of the community. Go in there any day and you see a wonderful cross section of the town: old/young, rich/poor, native/newcomers.

      Maybe you should check it out; sounds like it has been awhile since you have been there.

  4. Good folks and a great addition to Weaverville.

  5. Congrats to Eric and Anna!

    You are such wonderful people and I wish you the best in your new business! Coming by soon to have a cup with you!

  6. Mark from Weaverville says:

    Coffee is fantastic

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