Rainbow Family “trader’s circle” image from Wikipedia and Jaknouse

From a Rainbow Family website, welcomehere. com:

The Annual Rainbow Family Gathering is celebrated during the first week of July (1st – 7th) and is hosted in a different National Forest within the United States. Since approximately 1972 there has been an Annual Rainbow Family Gathering every year with some states having hosted more then one Gathering within it’s borders. Of all the various types of Rainbow Family Gatherings, The Annual Rainbow Family Gathering of the Living Light is by far the largest of Family Gatherings.

The 2012 Annual Rainbow Gathering will be celebrated  in Cherokee National Forest. The site is East of South Holston Lake between the lake and Holston Mountain in the NE corner of Tennesee. N 36.50175 W 82.04347

The gathering is July 1-7.


  1. Ashewill, argh. Fixed the headline!

  2. That’s in Cherokee National Forest, in Tenn. not in Cherokee, NC.

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