City council to Asheville: Avoid Go Topless rally


2011 Go Topless rally photo by Clark Mackey of Image Asheville.

In an open letter to residents and visitors, Asheville City Council members state that they believe that conduct at the topless rally “does nothing to help our community,” and that they intend to “seek legislation in Raleigh that will clarify the law and enable Asheville and other communities in North Carolina to respond more effectively” to public toplessness.

Could this be the last legal rally for toplessness in Asheville?

From the letter:

As for the event that is set to occur this Sunday, we urge citizens and visitors to avoid the event. Please do enjoy our vibrant downtown this Sunday in other ways, including your support for the Goombay Festival, other events, and our great downtown businesses.

The letter is signed by mayor Terry Bellamy and city council members Esther Manheimer, Cecil Bothwell, Jan Davis, Marc Hunt, Chris Pelly and Gordon Smith.

Read the full open letter here: City Council letter to public on GoTopless event