Frazier’s Tavern now open on Merrimon Avenue in north Asheville


Frazier’s Tavern has opened at 389 Merrimon Ave. in the old location of The Corner Pocket pool hall. I haven’t been yet so I don’t have many details. Looks like a regular beer joint, with pool tables, a patio and ping pong.

Just a quick note about The Corner Pocket – the pool hall was the site of  a death in 2007 when an intoxicated man fell in the bar parking lot and was robbed after he was knocked unconscious by the fall.

The old Corner Pocket has no connection to the new Frazier’s, and that incident should in no way reflect poorly on the new business. Just my newsperson’s recollection of an old event.


Brandee Morris August 6, 2012 - 3:58 pm

As a native of Asheville I would appreciate someone that is blogging about my hometown to actually check out the business and not rely on hearsay when “reporting.” I agree with Mr Giezentanner, that would be gossip not news. Fraziers Tavern is a great place to enjoy a couple of beverages with new & old friends. Is is a locally owned bar with dedicated people that work there. Please supprt locally on this blog & not blog about old news that isnt relevant at this establishment.

Tricia Crow August 1, 2012 - 7:20 pm

Well If you’ve never been to Fraziers I can understand why you may think it’s a ‘regular beer joint’ since they serve beer [along with a full bar] and have pool tables but talk with the patrons and you’ll get a different description. The owners have done an amazing job in a short amount of time in upgrading the actual building but one of the biggest changes is the atmosphere of Fraziers. It feels welcoming, fun and safe. I’m one of the bartenders at Fraziers and I along with the owners and other employees take pride in this establishment. One of the reasons were not just another ‘beer joint’ are the folks who come here and make Fraziers a gathering place, somewhere they can go where they know they can relax with old friends or make new ones. One of the main things you will hear at Fraziers is laughter and lots of it! I may be prejudiced since I work there but I believe Fraziers is one of the friendliest fun joints around!

Barbara S July 28, 2012 - 4:46 pm

I agree. Why on earth would you want to bring up old, bad news that happened years ago and not even under Frazier management instead of focusing on the new, good enhancements? Cynthia and Steve have done some wonderful stuff in the few months since they took the bar back and I think more is coming. The bar is thriving; the bartenders are great; the new patio — a relaxing oasis after a long day at work. They have a real following — friends from all over town — who are now coming in and joining an already-nice clientele. Great drink specials, an immaculate bar and pool table area … and even ping pong!!!! A terrific neighborhood bar — what more could you want?

Tracie E July 26, 2012 - 6:41 pm

Jason, thanks so much for giving Frazier’s a mention. If I might add some of my own experience about this location. Ms. Frazier has been a business owner in North Asheville for more years than I can remember. She owns the building that is home to the new Frazier’s Tavern. For many years, she ran the Corner Pocket and it was always a safe, fun, hometown bar. The unfortunate incident that you refer to took place while the business was under lease to other owners. Ms. Frazier has taken the business back over, given it a nice remodel and now it is back to being the great place it used to be. Please take time to stop by and you will find a safe, comfortable atmosphere run by people with decades of experience in the hospitality business. Great service, nice pool tables, cold drinks and its totally a safe place to have a good time with friends. Thanks!

chuck giezentanner July 26, 2012 - 3:42 pm

You mention that Frazier’s has opened in the old Corner Pocket location. You mention NOTHING of the new business, only bring up events that happened at the OLD business that does not exist there anymore. You also mention you have never been to the NEW business you are talking about. This is a news-person’s etiquette?

Posting about a NEW business, saying you have not been yet, and then talking only about the OLD business?

That is gossip, not news.

Cynthia Frazier July 26, 2012 - 3:22 pm

Frazier’s Tavern is not just a Regular Beer Joint. Frazier’s does offer Ice Cold Brews, Bottled & Draft, Local & Non-Local, but also has a Full Bar; with Daily Cocktail & Beer Specials. The Vodka Lemonade is a Favorite in this Hot Weather! Frazier’s has Pool Tables, Free on Wednesdays and Sundays, and a Competitive Pool Team. Frazier’s also offers Free Ping-Pong and Free Yard Games Every Day. You can sit Inside in the AC or Outside on the Back Patio.
Frazier’s, under ‘Old Management’, is run by owners and bartenders that are amongst the most experienced in the area; and you need ‘not’ be concerned for you safety, as this article may have led you to believe. Come on Down and Join Us for Some Fun at Frazier’s.

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