Yeast-maker White Labs plans for fall opening in Asheville


White Labs, a California-based maker of yeast, says it is on track to open its new Asheville laboratory this fall. The company plans to open a 32,000-square-foot facility at 172 South Charlotte St. The facility will include both a laboratory and a tasting room.

The company announced last year that it would open an East Coast facility in Asheville and employ about 65 people, including everyone from tasting room personnel to microbiologists.

Here’s the update from White Labs:

Work is progressing on the White Labs facility in Asheville, North Carolina.
Weather caused some delays for various aspects of the project. But many gains have been made. Wall framing is moving along on our second floor that will house our offices, conference rooms, packaging hall, and shipping. Drains are complete within the floors of our yeast production area, labs, and brewery. The elevator has been delivered and the electrical and hydraulics for the unit is being installed.
We are hoping for a fall opening. The facility will bring relief for employees and customers as capacity is close to optimized at our San Diego facility.
White Labs announced the ecpansion project last year.