Video: The Secret B-Sides


A great video intro to one of Asheville’s best bands.

The Secret B-Sides from anthonyabraira on Vimeo.

“. . . extremely tasty grooves capable of packing the dance floor with sweaty bodies . . .” –David Brewer, High Country Press

This band is for lovers. Based in the bohemian stronghold of Asheville, North Carolina, the Secret B-Sides produce a fresh sound, rooted in the classic feel of R&B and Soul music, updated with the modern sensibilities of Hip-Hop.

The concept of the band is simple. It’s a band about three things: 1) love, 2) dinosaurs, and 3) flying saucers. Fully equipped with these three essentials the Secret B-Sides are here on the planet, ready to help the people of Earth get together, feel a little sexy, and have some good, clean fun–to the sound of drums, electric bass, keys, and nylon-stringed guitar, finished with a vinyl-smooth vocal. For more info

Canon 5D Mark II. Canon Rebel T2i. Slew of other equipment thanks to Grand Cru Collective.

Natasha Meduri for allowing me her expensive camera for a few days.

Shot and Edited by Brian Wilson at

Anthony Abraira – Colorist at