STU HELM’S FOOD FEED: Tacos, Philly, Asheville’s Oldest Restaurant, and a Crunchburg Supreme


Hello, Asheville! Here’s another Food Feed for you! The words and pictures below were originally posted to social media, mostly Facebook, but also Instagram.  I hope that you will enjoy them, and that you will be able to get some, if not all of the delicious food items listed here! The Food Feed is in reverse chronological order. Scroll down through the past…


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 4/27/2021

Lunch at The Med. Holy wow! Buffalo chicken sandwich, Mac n cheese, and collards. All of it was sooooo tasty and gooood! I chose wisely.

Shared to Show Me Your Sandwich Facebook group on 4/27/2021

The fried Buffalo chicken sandwich on Texas toast from The Med, Asheville’s oldest restaurant, was frickin’ delicious! ?


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 4/26/2021

I had a Philly from Asheville Sandwich Company today and it was delicious! Piping hot, ooey-gooey, with a lot of savory flavor and a nice soft bun. A very enjoyable sandwich and experience all around! The fries are unique in that they are potato-chip thin and very crispy. Very good! High marks all around!


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 4/26/2021

Fam. This food from The Malvern Asheville was bangin’ AF. I got the chicken nugs, a salad, and the “Crunchburg Supreme,” which is one of the best burgers I’ve had in 2021 so far! Burger of the Year contender for sure! Delivered fresh, hot, delicious, and on time by Kickbackavl of course.

[ That is a seasoned tostada shell you see on this burger. Adding the “crunch” to Crunchburg! ]


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 4/26/2021

Mad props to White Duck Taco Shop for the packaging as well as for the tacos! Check out these excellent taco-specific boxes! (Although, two hot dogs, two eclairs, two twonkies… lots if potential here. And yes I said twonkies.) I don’t care what the snobbies say, I love me some White Duck tacos! Never had a bad one. ?❤️? Delivered fresh, hot, and delicious by Kickbackavl, of course!


Recorded on 4/23/2021

Hey, Y’all! Just in case you missed last week’s episode of the Asheville Food Fans Podcast, here it is! Rick, Luis and I talk about the chicken wings shortage, plus a ton of other topics, including a Chow Chow Asheville Culinary Event update, where’d ya and what’d ya cook, Delivery Insider, and an interview with Chef Paul Cressend about the upcoming Crawfish and Shrimp boil for to raise money and awareness about Ben’s Friends – National. Another fun episode about the world’s greatest little food city, Asheville, NC! Thanks to our produced Davyne Dial and WPVM 103.7 Community radio featuring the arts & culture of Asheville.


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 4/23/2021

So, I boiled the chicken carcass from my Nani’s Family Meal, and it made the dankest broth ever! I added some of the chicken meat back to the broth and, I’m tellin you what. Soooo frickin gooooood!!! I think I got 10 full meals out that chicken dinner. Next time I’m gonna count.

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2 Comments May 17, 2021 - 4:52 am

What is the oldest restaurant in Asheville? It is not The Med! How much did they pay you to publish that? Why don’t you go back to where you came from and let Asheville be Asheville not some place that you want it to be.

Stu Helm May 17, 2021 - 11:21 am

So? What is the oldest restaurant in Asheville? Little Pigs is apparently the oldest outside of downtown, and as far as I know the Med is the oldest in Downtown. Either way, you don’t have to be a dick about it.

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