Oskar Blues woos local brewers from Craggie, French Broad


Looks like there was a recent shakeup on the local brewing scene. A post yesterday from BeerAdvocate forum member Goindownsouth says this:

I heard this past weekend that Craggie Brewing Company, as it is formed right now, will soon cease functioning. The head brewer has joined up with Oskar Blues to work in their North Carolina facility, which is great news of course. But this means Craggie will be going in a new direction, it would appear.

A shame. I know this place was a bit polarizing for some on here, but their vibe was stellar. Their Mango IPA was good and the Toubab Brew and Swannanoa Sunset were worth the trip. Never like seeing this. I am just glad Green Man and Wedge are still kicking it hard.


As a commenter said, “These things happen. Brewers move around. Craggie will persevere.” Post here.

Local beer writer Anne Fitten Glenn confirms the news in Mountain Xpress, and notes that Oskar Blues has also picked up brewer John Silver, formerly of French Broad Brewing, Catawba and Pisgah:

Speaking of Oskar Blues, two longtime local brewers are now working for the Brevard brewery. John Silver of French Broad Brewing and formerly of Pisgah Brewing, and DJ McCready of Craggie Brewing will spend a few weeks training out in Colorado, before coming back and helping North Carolina Oskar Blues head brewer Noah Tuttle do his thing in Brevard. Congrats to all. Sounds like a solid brew team.

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Craggie Brewing Company to close Dec. 1 November 18, 2012 - 6:11 pm

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