Beach Day, and their gorgeous surf rock sound, coming to Double Crown June 23


Here’s one to put on your calendar: The surf rock trio Beach Day will play the Double Crown on June 23. This band channels the sounds of those classic ’60s girl bands and personally, I can’t get enough of it after giving their new record, Trip Trap Attack, a couple of listens.

More from their publicist:

Beach Day’s Kimmy, Natalie and Skyler met at a local show and quickly bonded over their love of 60’s Girl Groups, their dissatisfaction with their current musical endeavors and a common desire to be in a band that was purely about fun and making music without pretense.

Skyler was living in Asheville but missing the beach culture, so he moved back. Natalie was planning a move to the west coast but already had song ideas, so she decided to stay. The two moved into a house with Kimmy and all acquired jobs at the local Smoothie Shack. Moving in is somewhat of a big commitment for a band that just wants to have fun, but the first song they wrote together came easy.

An embodiment of their surroundings and love of 60’s girl groups, Beach Day sounds as you might expect. Think of a female fronted Beach Boys, throw in some The Shangri-La’s, The Ventures, The Sonics, Phil Spector, The Ronettes, add in contemporaries Cults, Jacuzzi Boys, Dum Dum Girls and the Black Lips and you have a soundtrack for your perfect Beach Day.

“Boys” from Trip Trap Attack is available for posting:
You can watch the video for “Boys”:

Can’t wait to see ’em.