New information might offer insight into suicides of Leslie and Allen Cargile


A newly released police report on the suicides of a popular local doctor and her husband might offer insight into the reasons the couple took their own lives this past summer.

No suicide note was found, but personal notes left at their home indicate that the Cargiles had “financial issues and consequences.”

From the Asheville Citizen-Times:

Henderson investigators said they learned about financial problems from notes the Cargiles left at their home. One of the notes was to a friend who lived at their home and helped take care of the house. One was to their son, Kenton, who lived in Columbia, S.C., and another was to their son, Eliot, who lives in Hong Kong. Neither has responded to messages left on Facebook or calls.

The notes “appeared to allude to financial issues and consequences,” Stout said.

The article indicates that as the couple’s deaths were ruled suicides, police are not investigating the “why” of what happened. While answers might eventually be uncovered by the media and not by police, many questions about the tragedy may simply never be answered.

While the recently released report offers more insight on the Cargiles’ final days, it raises even more questions about their suicide that will likely never be answered, Henderson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Captain Frank Stout said.

Citizen-Times link here: Police report talks of Cargiles’ financial troubles