New Belgium to create ‘public benefit’ corporation under new Colorado law


The Coloradoan reports on the latest for New Belgium:

Some Colorado companies are banking that customers and investors are willing to pay for a clean conscience.

Until now, directors of corporations in the state have had a legal duty to mind the bottom line with tunnel vision. For the first time, do-gooders in the business world can look beyond the profit margin to commit resources to social causes by forming public benefit corporations that balance their priorities between profit and social principles.

Fort Collins-based New Belgium Brewing Co. stands at the front of a line of businesses that plan to incorporate under the new law. …

New Belgium plans to cover both of those categories when it adopts new bylaws next year to establish a public benefit corporation.

“It’s basically that we will consider the impact of our decisions on our co-workers, on the community, on the environment and our supply-chain and retail partners,” said Jenn Vervier, director of strategy and sustainability at New Belgium.