4 things to know about East Fork Pottery’s seconds sale Sunday at New Belgium


East Fork Pottery is holding a seconds sale on Sunday at New Belgium’s brewery space on Craven Street. /photo courtesy of East Fork Pottery

East Fork Pottery is holding one of its famous seconds sales from on Sunday (May 19) at New Belgium Asheville over on Craven Street.

These periodic sales are a great chance to get your hands on some perfectly imperfect pottery from East Fork, which makes simply stunning plates, bowls and mugs.

-The sale is 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday at New Belgium’s brewery location on Craven Street.

-This is an in-person sale. There will not be an online seconds sale this time, because East Fork wants to show some real love to locals.

-All sales of seconds are finals. There are no returns or exchanges, and discount codes can’t be applied to seconds.

-Bring bags or cardboard boxes to cart off your haul. Some old newspaper to wrap stuff in works great, too.

Bonus thing to know: No pushing, shoving, biting, hitting or pulling pots out of other people’s hands! Ok, that’s just East Fork joking around. But the East Fork seconds sales are a thing, so get there early, play nice and good finding some awesome pottery!