New Asheville talk radio host is Pete Kaliner


Matt Mittan reports on Facebook:

We are SUPER pleased to announce our replacement for the afternoon show on WWNC in Asheville NC… Pete Kaliner…. Our old friend and reliable fill in host during 2011 will be starting on Monday, Jan 23rd. (Sorry about stealing your thunder Clear Channel, but – you know…. seems like a fair trade off.)

Mittan recently left WWNC after several of his co-workers were let go by the Clear Channel-owned station. Mittan was the host of a popular talk radio, call-in, show known as “Take A Stand.”

Here’s a little background about Kaliner, who has lots of experience as a TV reporter and radio talk show host.

Kaliner, 37, a former reporter for Greater Media-owned WBT, says he’s disappointed, but he knows the fragile nature of radio jobs.

“When I moved from the newsroom to the studio, I knew it was a higher-risk profession than being a reporter. It’s always on the table. It’s Greater Media’s job, it’s not my job. I was just holding it until they didn’t want me to have it anymore, just like any other job in the private sector.”

Kaliner grew up on Long Island and came South in 1992 to attend school at Winthrop, where he majored in communications.

Afterward, he landed at WFAE-FM (90.7) for two years, working in fundraising.

When an opening came up in the WFAE news department that he wanted, he realized he needed experience. He got a job reporting at WRHI-AM (1340) in Rock Hill, where he learned the technical aspects of the business.

In 1999, he joined the WBT news staff and covered some of the big stories of the time, including the Rae Carruth trial, debate over a new arena, the school desegregation case and departure of the Hornets.