Mountain Xpress seeking sponsor for its blog ad network


The Mountain Xpress is looking to fire up its blog advertising network and bring those bloggers together again. Here’s the note Xpress web editor Steve Shanafelt is sending out:


Thanks for writing. It’s a very loosely organized program, actually. We have around two-dozen local blogs in the group, each of whom donate a button-sized (125 by 125) space on their blog to display a rotation of ads from other participating blogs. (A good example of this can be seen in the footer of The idea is to help give local bloggers a bit more local support, both from Xpress and from each other. Combined, the blogs have about 650,000 impressions a year.

At the moment, we’re looking for a 2012 sponsor to help us sweeten the deal a little for the participating blogs and sites. Although web traffic can vary, the sponsor would likely see at least 150,000 impressions from their sponsorship ad, which would rotate with the other ads in the network. That ad would serve across blogs with a wide variety of readers visiting sites that range in topics from regional food to national politics.

We’re asking for a sponsor to throw a party for the participating bloggers — a meet and greet — which would at least amount to providing some pizza and a few free beers for the participants (or the equivalent). The party could be open to anyone, of course. Our only real goal is to help bring local bloggers and their readers together. Or, we’d be happy to take a cash-equivalent of this, which would likely cost about $300 (a very affordable $2 CPM).

I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have.

Steve Shanafelt
Web Editor, Mountain Xpress
828-251-1333 ext. 154