Montford residents raise objections to proposed new June festival


Joel Newman at reports that a proposal to hold a new three-day art show called Bear Blossom in the Montford neighborhood has drawn objections from some residents. Here’s the proposal:

Artist-organizers Linda and Carl Caristo presented their plans for a show on Friday, June 21 – Sunday, June 23, 2013, where 75-100 artists would exhibit their work along the scenic, tree-shaded stretch of Cumberland Avenue between West Chestnut Street and Flint Street.

The main objections revolve around the hours of the festival and the closure of Cumberland Avenue. So what’s happening next?

As this issue of the newsletter went to press, a meeting was being planned at the suggestion of MNA President David Patterson to give all affected Cumberland residents the chance to meet with the organizers and try to reach a consensus. The MNA Board’s initial response to the proposal dealt mainly with the logistical aspects of staging the event. Although the city permit process does not require planners of such events to obtain the consent of affected residents, the Bear Blossom organizers have said they will not push forward in the face of strong objections from the neighborhood.

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