Kimberlee Archie hired as Asheville equity, inclusion manager


The city of Asheville has hired its first equity and inclusion manager. Here’s the press release:

The City of Asheville is pleased to announce that, after a nationwide search, Kimberlee Archie will serve as the City’s first-ever Equity and Inclusion Manager, effective July 31, 2017.

Archie’s career and experience positions her to lead City efforts to support a diverse and inclusive community. She has a bachelor of arts degree in social welfare from the University of Washington and a master of science degree in education from Capella University. From a career in the mental health field in Washington State, Archie went on to become Family Support Director for the United Way of King County and a Deputy Director of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.

She has facilitated workshops, taught courses and presented at conferences on subjects such as inclusive public engagement, race and equity, leadership development, strategic planning and cultural competence.

“We are very excited to find an Equity and Inclusion Manager who has such a passion for social equity,” said City Manager Gary Jackson. “Kimberlee Archie brings to the City of Asheville a demonstrated track record in accountability and facilitating opportunities for others to grow and develop.”

Archie will work with internal and external partners, nonprofits, the public and stakeholders to establish the use of an equity lens in all City programs and policies. Initial areas of focus will include hiring and human resource management, purchasing, public engagement, sustainability, public safety and community and economic development.

Her office will be in City Hall, where she will have a direct line of communication with the city manager. She will have easy and regular access to all services, programs and initiatives across the organization through the day-to-day support for the services and programs provided by all departments.

The creation of the City’s new Equity and Inclusion Manager began with City Council’s Vision 2036. Crafted in 2016, the vision supports the goal of an inclusive, diverse community by using a “racial equity lens to review and achieve our City’s strategic goals in health, education, housing and economic mobility.”

Archie has two adult children, a daughter who lives in Charlotte and a son in Washington State. She maintains a work/life balance by volunteering with community organizations, enjoying live music and watching action movies.

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Curious July 24, 2017 - 11:45 am

Her job will be to ” establish the use of an equity lens in all City programs and policies.” A “lens” is very vague. What are the specifics of what she will do?
Will that involve minority quotas for hiring, contracts, grants, etc? How will the effectiveness of what she does be measured? What are the metrics involved? How will we know when we are reaching/achieving equity?
What is her salary?

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