Happy Birthday! Google honors Bob Moog with doodle that’s playable, recordable synthesizer


Google is honoring Asheville’s Bob Moog in an amazing way – with a doodle on its website that is a playable, recordable synthesizer. The doodle will go up Wednesday, which would have been Moog’s 78th birthday.

From mashable.com:

In celebration of Robert Moog’s 78th birthday, Google has created an epic Google Doodle to honor the electronic music pioneer.

The Doodle, which is scheduled for Wednesday but already visible on Google’s Australia landing page, presents an interactive Moog synthesizer.

From cnet.com:

The doodle, commemorating Moog’s 78th birthday, is live in Australia and Japan, and will soon make its way west. Moog died in 2005.
The Moog synthesizer was a favorite among the first generation of rock musicians; the synthesizer is a staple of modern artists. Moog created the first Moog Modular synthesizer in 1963, and developed the more popular Minimoog in 1970.

From wired.com:

Wow, Google have really outdone themselves with today’s doodle (currently live in countries where it’s already May 23rd). We’ve had plenty of great ones before featuring great writers, artist, scientists and, er, snowflakes, but this one features some of the best interactivity I can remember in a while. Today would have been the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, and the doodle honours him with a fully playable version of his famous synthesiser, complete with lots of knobs to twiddle and tweak the sounds just like the real thing.

You can play the keyboard using the number and/or QWERTY keys on your actual keyboard and use the cursor arrows to move between and adjust the Mixer, Oscillators, Filters and Envelope to make all sorts of crazy squelchy synth sounds. And there’s more – that funny looking thing to the right of the Moog is a “Tape Recorder” (look it up on wikipeadia) and if you hit the red button you can record a short section of your masterpiece, then play it back and record another three tracks.


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