Comic books coming to West Asheville


From Marc McCloud and the Orbit DVD newsletter:


For years, some people have said that they wanted to see comics in West Asheville.  Well, now you got them, and the good news is that I am not the one ordering them!  I’ve imported two TV Eye employees, Matt and Robin, to start working at Orbit.  Robin is a bona fide comic nerd so I have been tapping his knowledge to bring in the best in the business.  If you don’t know both DC and Marvel has “rebooted” their major characters and we are carrying pretty much all of those.  Also, being a video store, we are also carrying ones that appeal to us like Adventure Time, Walking Dead, Supernatural, Dr. Who and more!

Like other places, the comics debut every Wednesday.  We will also be buying, selling & trading used comics.  Bring in what you got!

Hey Marc, will you also stock graphic novels, and can I pre-order Cursed Pirate Girl from you?


Not a comics nerd or anything

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Orbit DVD is at 781 Haywood Road.