Ashvegas voter guide for election 2012


It’s time to vote. Here’s  our 2012 guide for Asheville voters, including voter guides, candidate profiles and a reminder to check your district.

Be prepared for nonpartisan offices and the water referendum.


Here’s a sample ballot for the 10th Congressional District. And here’s a sample ballot for the 11th Congressional District. )INfo below about checking which district you are in.)

Here’s a 2012 democrats’ voter guide from the Speaking for Buncombe blog.

Here’s the Buncombe GOP’s list of  “our 2012 candidates.”


Remember the brouhaha over the Republican-led redistricting last year? Much of Asheville’s been shifted from one congressional district to another (backstory here). Only West Asheville is now mostly in the “old” 11th District, while most of the city has been moved into the 10th. If you don’t live in West Asheville, you probably are in a new district this election.

Check here to find out if you’re in the 10th or the 11th.

Get a look at your ballot here.


City of Asheville referendum: Water System Sale or Lease (Mountain Xpress info). Western North Carolina Alliance analysis.

Mountain Xpress has info on the County Commissioner candidates 

Researching your vote?: Check out the WNC-TV Buncombe County Voter Guide, a non-partisan informational guide from WNC-TV. Includes candidate profiles.

Asheville Citizen-Times candidate profiles are here:


On the ballot this election. Be prepared. Check your ballot  here to see exactly which offices you’ll be voting on.

President & VP

U.S. House of Representatives: Dist 10 or 11

N.C. Lieut. Governor

N.C. Commissioner of Agriculture

N.C. Commissioner of Insurance

N.C. Commissioner of Labor

N.C. Sec’y of State

N.C. Sup’t. of Public Instruction

N.C. Treasurer

N.C. State Senate

N.C. House of Representatives

Board of County Commissioners, Chairman

Board of County Commissioners

County Register of Deeds

N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge

N.C. District Court Judges

Soil & Water Concervation Distict Supervisor

County Board of Education At-Large

County Board of Education

City of Asheville referendum: Water System Sale or Lease