Closing for the winter holidays: 12 Bones, White Duck, Jackson Underground


12 Bones, favorite of the President and locals alike, closes for the winter holidays this week, re-opening Wednesday January 16.

The River District location closes this Friday, and 12 Bones South closes Saturday.

12 Bones stores will be closed over the holiday break:
River Store’s last day open is Friday, December 21st
South Store’s last day open is Saturday, December 22nd from 11am-4pm
Both stores will re-open on Wednesday, January 16th
Happy Holidays!

In further winter tragedy and deprivation, White Duck Taco will also take a holiday break.

White Duck is closed Monday and Tuesday for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and takes a winter break from Sunday Dec. 30 to Wednesday Jan. 9.

Be sure to hit both places and get your fix! I know I will.

Finally, here’s the note from loyal reader Steve at Jackson Underground:

Just wanted to give you a heads-up to let you know that Jackson
Underground will be closed Monday Dec. 24th through Tuesday Jan. 2nd.
We’re going to take a week off!! We hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year.

Also, don’t forget that Mr. Frog’s will close for good on New Year’s Eve.