Attention Asheville chefs: Guy Fiere’s ‘Grocery Games’ issues casting call


 THIS JUST IN: From a press release sent by the Casting Producer for the TV show “Guy’s Grocery Games,” starring celebrity chef Guy Fierei…

We are holding a nationwide search looking for outgoing, highly skilled chefs and professional cooks from all backgrounds. If you think you have the chops to make mincemeat out of the competition, APPLY NOW for a chance to win $20,000!

We are also casting the following specialty episodes: 

  • BURGERS (pro chefs and cooks with unique skills and perspective on BURGERS)
  • BACON (pro chefs and cooks with unique skills and perspective on BACON)
  • CHEESE (pro chefs and cooks with unique skills and perspective on CHEESE)
  • ALL IN THE FAMILY (4 family members who are or have been professional chefs/cooks and will compete AGAINST each other!)
  • MOTHERS DAY / FATHERS DAY (parent & son or daughter, parent OR adult child has some pro cooking experience)
  • CARNIVAL GAMES (pro chefs and cooks with unique skills and perspective on CARNIVAL EATS)
  • SUPERFANS (cooks/chefs who are HUGE fans of the show)
  • FIREFIGHTERS (amateur cooks with skills)
  • POLICE OFFICERS (amateur cooks with skills)
  • VETERANS (amateur Armed Forces cooks with skills)
  • STATION CHEFS, CHEF DE PARTIE, LINE COOKS, COMMIS (chefs and cooks from every part of a pro kitchen!)

Please feel free to forward this to all the professional chefs and cooks that you think would have a blast competing on GUY’S GROCERY GAMES!

Applicants should apply at, but feel free to call me or email with any questions. 

*All applicants must be 18 years of age and older and residents of the United States.

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justsayin54321 August 15, 2016 - 9:22 am

I implore all of the fine culinary folks of Asheville to ignore this post. No one needs to represent our city on this jack asses show. I should think the citizens would prefer the good name of our fair city not be even uttered from the lips of the likes of this ass hat.

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