Big Love Fest in Asheville, on pause for 2015, sets sights on 2016


Organizers of Asheville’s Big Love Fest, a celebration of the city’s unchained and independent shops, artists and food-makers, plan to formally announce later today that they’re putting the event on hold this year and are setting sights on 2016. From their newsletter:


We have big plans for some extra special 2016 events. Unfortunately, that means we need to make time for preparations this year.

We are sorry to say that we will be taking a break from Big Love Fest, our annual showcase of indie, entrepreneurial and DIY Asheville, in 2015.

Thanks to all who have expressed interest and support as we came to this decision. We think the fun next year will be well worth the wait!

Stay tuned for announcements to come!

Brandy Bourne and Justin Raybuck, the organizers of both Big Love and The Big Crafty, have poured a ton of time, energy and passion into creating these events, which support Asheville’s incredible independent artists and entrepreneurs. When the first Big Love was announced in 2011, it’s mission was described as supporting independently-owned businesses and celebrating their “vital economic, social and cultural role” in the community. (Brandy and Justin are also the owners of the Horse + Hero shop on Patton Avenue that features the work of local artists.)

I know this is a difficult announcement for them to make. I also know that they’re not slowing down. The Big Crafty is set for July 12 and will once again bring the community together.

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Jan Schochet April 13, 2015 - 7:37 am

Hooray for Justin and Brandy! If they say they have big plans for the 2016 Big Love, then they really do mean BIG, from my experience working with them. Can’t wait to see what that will be and can’t wait for this year’s Big Crafty in July!! All is lookin’ good, you Horse and Hero founders.

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