Ashvegas Hot Sheet: Tryon equestrian center races to finish facilities


Here’s more of what’s going around, including an update on the Tryon equestrian center racing to finish its facilities before the September World Equestrian Games there.

-The Tryon International Equestrian Center is racing to complete its facilities ahead of the scheduled World Equestrian Games, now just three months away. Some half a million people are expected to attend the two-week games in mid September.

-Tod’s Tasties is closing at the end of the day July 1 for a major renovation project that will have them remaining closed for 8 to 10 weeks. Stay tuned for what the new Tod’s Tasties will have to offer.

-Archetype Brewing in West Asheville is adding a rooftop deck.

-Ben & Jerry’s has announced that its downtown Asheville ice cream shop is set to open in August.

-One World Brewing West in West Asheville will be hosting live music on July 5.

-The Chemist distillery on Coxe Avenue is finally opening this month. Their plan is a limited-hours, unannounced opening they say will help them get their feet under them.

-Keep your eyes on Hatch AVL. Emily Breedlove has been named the new executive director of Hatch AVL as it focuses on a major expansion. Hatch AVL is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in Asheville. Now they’re reaching out to partners across the state as they seek to support 10 fast-growth start-ups to hit $10 million in revenue over the next five years.

-Librarians are cool, too. Check out this new music video series produced by the librarians at Warren Wilson College. It includes music by notable alums such as Juan Holladay and the Secret B-Sides.

-Ultra-low fare carrier Spirit airlines will start operating out of the fast-growing Asheville Regional Airport. They’ll start with flights to Florida.

-From a recent survey of downtown Asheville businesses: 79 percent of the 214 downtown businesses surveyed say a lack of parking negatively affects their business; 90 percent are confident in the future of downtown; most business owners say their busiest hours are between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.