Ashvegas Hemp Sheet: Asheville Hemp Farms grand opening, more


Ashvegas Hemp Sheet

Here’s more of what’s going on in the Asheville hemp world:

Asheville Hemp Farms at 792 Haywood Road will celebrate its grand opening this weekend (May 17,18,19) with a 10 percent discount on purchases and some free samples.

-Asheville Tea Company has released a line of hemp teas. These products are for sale primarily through Franny’s Farmacy. The Asheville Tea Company offers three flavors: Lemon Ginger Hemp, Chamomile Hemp and Chocolate Berry.

-Fifth Season Gardening Co. has launched its Hemp Growers Wholesale Catalog and a full range of consulting services in North Carolina. Fifth Season’s new program is a one-stop shop to support licensed hemp farmers and growers in North Carolina’s industrial hemp pilot program, according to a press release. More: “The wholesale hemp growers catalog includes everything from equipment to soils and amendments, cover crop seed, lighting, pesticides, and more. Fifth Season’s consulting services for hemp growers include assistance with permitting, operational set-up, lighting diagram design, integrated pest management, nutrient and mineral balancing and preparing the product for market. Fifth Season also carries a full line of high quality organic CBD oils for people and pets from Saving Grace CBD in their stores. Saving Grace oils are high quality, great value, organic, and available in 5 formulations.”

-Somebody broke into the Instant Karma shop on Haywood Road in West Asheville sometime late Monday night or early Tuesday and stole about $1,700 of industrial hemp flower, according to WLOS. The thief or thieves also grabbed a grinder and some rolling papers.

-Is it legal for a craft brewer to make a hemp beer? Is is legal for a bar to mix a drink with CBD oil in it? These are questions that lots of local folks are asking, and the Ward and Smith law firm, which has offices in Asheville, recently issued some general guidance via its website. Here are some highlights:

-The North Carolina ABC Commission recently indicated that it is drafting state-level policies and rules for the use of hemp and CBD in alcoholic beverages.

-Based on prior experience, it is safe to assume that the ABC Commission will continue to tightly regulate and prohibit products brewed, produced, or flavored using hemp floral material or that otherwise contain hemp-derived CBD.

-The ABC Commission has already indicated that approval will be given for products that are brewed, produced, or flavored using sterilized hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, or mature hemp stalks. There are already numerous examples of products approved for sale in North Carolina that incorporate these ingredients.

-Once the ABC Commission finalizes its state-level policies for usage of hemp and hemp-derived CBD, we anticipate an increase in state-level enforcement actions from the commission and our Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) officers.