Asheville Zombiewalk set for Oct. 12; living dead will gather at Aston Park


From the organizers, here are the details of the upcoming Asheville Zombiewalk (not to be confused with the zombie float).

The living dead will gather in Aston Park on Sunday, October 12 beginning at 5 pm for a big zombie picnic.

Aston Park (336 Hilliard Avenue) is a great area to spread a blanket and feast on your favorite limbs with friends and family, or more traditional fare if you so choose. Bring your Frisbees, checkers, hula hoops and park games, or just make your own fun. It’s a zombie picnic, after all.

Whatever you bring with you – make sure you are able to clean up after yourself before you leave!

Dress Up

We want to see you in all your zombie glory! We will have makeup artists on hand to help you put your face on, but we encourage you to come in a costume that showcases your creativity.

Bring the Zombie Family – Bring the Fun

The Asheville Zombiewalk has always been and is committed to remaining a family-friendly event. There is a playground area, sandbox, and plenty of grass at this year’s site. Bring out the zombie kids!

Shamble on!

The Zombiewalk lasts from 5:00-7:00 pm, but it is conveniently located in downtown Asheville. We encourage you to shamble on (safely and responsibly) from the picnic to our participating locations. Valid ID required for admission into all participating locations serving alcohol!

– The Yacht Club, 87 Patton Ave, is having zombie themed drinks and drink specials.

– Hi-Wire Brewing, 197 Hilliard Ave, will have a season called “The Walking Red” offered all day for $3.

Additional locations listed online at

Stay safe!

Obey all traffic laws and stay to the sidewalk when you visit our participating locations.

Please use common sense, stay safe, and do not come to the walk to do anything illegal.

The Resurrected Stepchildren of George Romero

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