Asheville Design Center project building mobile performance stage for LEAF


The Asheville Design Center, through its annual Asheville Design Build Studio, has another great project going this summer. This one benefits LEAF. Here’s a quick look:

The goal:

U-LEAF is a vessel bringing LEAF’s performing to the communities. U-LEAF is a user friendly, safe, and engaging platform for artists to showcase their talents and to draw interest to the many events and education programs that LEAF offers. U-LEAF will provide connections between the performers and their communities and enhance community knowledge of cultures and the arts. By being mobile, U-LEAF will also expand community opportunities for engagement.

What it has:

The structure consists of a mobile unfolding stage, overhang that provides shading, storage below the stage for A/V and electrical wiring. The mobile stage will include leveling jacks and additional support under the wings to make the stage performance ready. The stage is roughly 270 square feet. The stage will be constructed out of both steel, wood, and aluminum. The stage hopes to be used for a variety of performances for all ages.

How we got there:

Inspired by nature, the shape of the U-Leaf took on a membrane-like structure and detailing. The leaf in its structure, the butterfly and bird wing in its unfolding mannerisms, and many other inspirations that lead us through other explorations.

What it looks like:

The design that we have arrived at occurred after much study and investigation. This design best answers the needs and requirements of the client, Leaf. In this design, we provide a strong structural stage that will be able to be easily transported about the city.