Asheville Citizen-Times: Asheville midwife charged with killing unborn baby


From the Asheville Citizen-Times on police charging a woman with killing her unborn baby:

City police on Wednesday charged an Asheville midwife with killing an unborn child through a mishandled delivery.

Tina Louise Bailey, 44, of Craig Circle Drive, provided medical services to a woman in labor in July, according to an arrest warrant. Those included catheterization and internal obstetrical examinations, police said. Bailey also gave medical advice without the training to do so, investigators said.

She was charged with murder of an unborn child. The warrant states Bailey told the mother she was able to provide all necessary care during labor. The warrant was first made public Wednesday afternoon. The baby’s mother could not be reached.

Police said Bailey’s actions resulted in the death of the unborn child by “acute chorioamnionitis and funistis and meconium aspiration.”

Meconium aspiration syndrome occurs when a newborn breathes in a mixture of amniotic and other fluid during delivery. It is a leading cause of severe illness and death in newborns and occurs in 5-10 percent of births, according to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

Click over to read the full story about the charges the midwife faces.

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