Zombies will crawl, not walk, in Asheville this year


A zombie pub crawl will replace the annual zombie walk in Asheville this year. Organizers of the annual event were unable to secure a venue or the money they say they needed to pull off  a full-scale walk. But undead will still gather.

From ashtoberfest.com – click over to read the full post. The organizers say they need the community’s support to keep this awesome event going. Here’s part of the post:

First of all, we are very happy to announce that we not only have an event for you guys this year, but are already working on a venue for next year.  As usual, our event is the second Sunday in October (the 14th this year), but it will be a little different for 2012.  We could not raise the support and funds in time for a full Walk this year, but still have an amazingly fun time planned for you. This year, we will be hosting a Zombie Pub Crawl in downtown Asheville. Before we go into the details of that, let’s go ahead and mention that the full Zombie Walk will return next year. Not only that, we have plans brewing (pun intended) to make this the biggest, most fun, and spookiest Zombie Walk yet!  With the support of Greenman Brewery, the Zombie Walk will have an outstanding venue to start from, a route very close to the heart of downtown – filled with spectators to scare, and we’ll even have room for awesome side events such as kids’ activities, and maybe even a spooky haunted brewery tour!

As for this year, let’s give you some details, shall we?

What: Zombie Pub Crawl and Pre-Party
When: Sunday, October 14th starting at 7pm
Where:  Starting at ZaPow Gallery, and continuing on to various bars around downtown (to be announced soon)
Details: The evening starts out with a Pre-Party courtesy of the amazing people at ZaPow from 7pm to 9pm. This party is all ages. However, it also involves beer – FREE beer. If you are considering bringing the kids, just keep in mind that there will be drinking, and that it’s also in an art gallery, so be sure you can be responsible and respectful with the space ZaPow has generously donated. If you are considering showing up as a minor and getting free booze: nope. We have real bartenders checking IDs. Sorry. But you can still have a wonderful time.  We’ll be having face painting, palm reading, live music, art viewing, zombie makeup, a raffle, and as much fun as we can fit into that space.

After that, we’ll be hitting the town! We’re currently working on getting bus transportation around  town (and if you or someone you know can help, please contact us!). As soon as we have a full list of participating bars, we will release them to you.  We’re also working on getting a late-night afterparty going, as well as some possible hotel deals for those coming from out of town or just don’t have a sober ride home and want a place to crash.

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