Zombies headed to downtown Asheville on July 10 for movie teaser


My friend  David Huff and a few of his colleagues are planning to shoot a teaser video on Carolina Lane on July 10 in downtown for a new Kickstarter campaign that he hopes will help fund a zombie movie project.

The movie: Dead Brew. Tagline: They came for the beer. They stayed for the brains.

The Asheville Zombie Walk folks have put the word out to their network and are supplying zombies, so look out for lots of walkers.

Great day scouting the location for zombie movie teaser with director @suttlefilm and screenwriter @bryan.kish. ‪#‎zombie‬ ‪#‎zombieapocalypse‬ ‪#‎asheville‬ ‪#‎ashevillenc‬ ‪#‎downtownasheville‬ ‪#‎zombies‬ @markiiimedia/ Photo by David Huff

Here’s more about the movie, called Dead Brew, from David:

Synopsis: When a powerful hurricane hits the microbrewery capital of the South, Asheville, North Carolina, gallons of contaminated coal ash spill into the city’s water supply, turning citizens of Asheville into flesh eating zombies on the eve of Asheville’s annual Zombie Walk. With the local government covering up the spill in the name of profit; Piper, a hardworking barista, with the help of her weather loving brother, Fitz and Jerry, a homeless Iraq veteran, form an unlikely trio desperate to save the city they love from becoming a city of the dead.

Production: Mark III Media in association with Suttlefilm.

David Huff, Executive Producer
James Suttles, Director
Bryan Kish, Teaser Screenplay

Status: In development.

David, who plans to shoot the movie in and around Asheville next year, has plenty of movie-making experience under his belt. He says it was “11 years ago that we did Country Remedy in Brevard, so after taking a decade off I’m getting back into the game. My inspiration has come totally from being back in Asheville.”

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John July 9, 2016 - 11:33 am

Good God this sounds awful. The only silver lining is that if there is money for this project, the economy must not be too bad.

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