WLOSers hit the road with ‘Mobile Track vehicle’


A photo WLOS reporter Ingrid Allstaedt tweeted to describe the station’s new “mobile track vehicle,” which is loaded with no less than six cameras.

WLOS-TV reporter Ingrid Allstaedt was ecstatic last week as she road down Interstate 26 in the passenger seat of her television station’s new “mobile track vehicle.” The vehicle – I don’t know if it’s a car, a truck or something in between – was loaded down with no less than six cameras showing a variety of angles.

Reporting on Thanksgiving holiday traffic, Allstaedt talked as camera shots rolled. Bam: a camera shot of cars in front of the WLOSmobile. Bam: a camera shot of cars behind the WLOSmobile. BAM: an in-car camera shot of Ingrid talk to us.

Allstaedt tweeted:

Probably one of the coolest live shots I’ve ever done. Our new Mobile Track vehicle, equipped w/ 6 cameras!

This week, WLOSers used the vehicle to illustrate a new turning lane on Merrimon Avenue to service shoppers at the coming Trader Joe’s and Harris Teeter stores. Look for lots more vehicle-based stories as WLOSers make use of their new toy.

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ronfrankl November 28, 2012 - 2:52 pm

Yes, it was interesting from a technological point of view, but I couldn’t help but note the absurdity of a news crew doing a story on local traffic congestion by driving around and adding to the congestion.

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