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The Asheville blues is something we all have experienced one way or another, it is a feeling that happens once in awhile that makes you think Asheville is not all that it is cracked up to be. I have experienced this sometimes (mostly in I-26 traffic) that makes me not really like living here. You may feel swallowed in this town or feel like everything is the same.

But here is a list of 100 reasons to love Asheville to re-charge you after this winter. In no particular order:

100. 240: yes it is a constant struggle to drive on it a lot, but it makes you a better driver.
99. Plant: Yummy vegetarian foods
98. NC Arboretum: Beautiful nature trails, flowers, exhibits
97. Malaprops: Wonderful independent bookstore in the heart of Downtown
96. The underpass murals when entering downtown
95. Mostly in every restaurant, there are dining options for the pickiest eater (gluten free, vegetarian, carnivores)
94. Totally awesome bathroom graffiti
93. Bar of Soap: Drinking and doing laundry at the same time, count me in
92. Urban Trail: Learn a little something about the history along with statues
91. Close by to Atlanta, Charlotte, Tennessee areas, South Carolina for all travel needs
90. French Broad Chocolate Lounge: Hand crafted chocolate for your chocolate desires
89. Food truck heaven
88. Beaver Lake: Lake, easy trail
87. Sunsets in the mountains
86. Sunrises in the mountains
85. Amboy Park: Dog Park, river viewing, awesome trail
84. Art deco architecture
83. Banjo-playing buskers
82. Flannel shirts are always in style
81. Tunnel Road for your chain restaurant needs (it happens)
80. UNC-Asheville, Warren Wilson, Ab-Tech, Mars Hill
79. Riverside Cemetery: resting place of Thomas Wolfe, O. Henry and many others
78. Parking Decks: cheaper rates than most cities
77. Craft cocktail revivals
76. Home to the Christmas Jam
75. Moog: Festival, Moog museum
74. Excellent craft coffee shops
73. You can basically get anywhere in 10-15 minutes
72. The Goodwill on Smoky Park Highway
71. Asheville on Bikes organization
70. Riverlink organization and spring/summer festivals
69. Kayaking/Canoeing the French Broad River in the summer
68. Movie nights at The Wedge in the summer
67. The Chocolate Fetish: another place for chocolate desires
66. Sky Bar: Drinking overlooking downtown
65. Stopping at overlooks on the Parkway
64. Antique Tobacco Barn
63. When you want everything to shut down because of one inch of snow, it will happen
62. Ingles in every section of town
61. President Obama likes to come here
60. Christopher’s Garden in W. Asheville
59. Oskar Blues in Brevard
58. More craft breweries opening (seems like once a month)
57. The giant ass fan at The Orange Peel that keeps you cool during sold out shows
56. Bobby Sax
55. The UNCA Botanical Gardens (free nature!)
54. Awesome brunch options
53. Three dollar movies at Brew and View
52. Biltmore Village (even if you don’t like it, it is always a good option for when parents visit)
51. Asheville Community Theatre
50. We actually have a really awesome visitor center in Montford (go check it out)
49. Harrahs Cherokee Casino is close by for your gambling needs
48. Open Mic nights at various places
47. Holiday Parade
46. Tons of organizations for you to volunteer at
45. Walking around downtown and seeing an awesome mural/street art
44. We get to experience all four seasons
43. Biltmore Town Park (it’s not that bad, is it?)
42. Protests for anything you care about
41. Always some sort of festival once a month
40. El Kimchi: Need I say more?
39. Smoothies at Earth Fare: So delicious but pricey
38. All the free publications you can pick up to read
37. A bike friendly town
36. Climbmax
35. All the historic/old/rich/cool looking houses in Montford and North Asheville
34. Bike Taxis
33. Biscuit Head
32. Emphasis on the importance of art and music here
31. When dressing up to work is mostly nice jeans and a shirt
30. Brother Wolf organization
29. Free wine tasting included in your Biltmore Estate ticket
28. You can always learn about the healing powers of crystals from one of your friends
27. Hop Ice Cream
26. Going to Smiley’s Flea Market
25. Shows at The Grey Eagle
24. Asheville Art Museum
23. The Admiral
22. The Drum Circle: Can be very annoying, but always draws a large crowd and free people watching
21. Mr. K’s Used Book Store
20. The rush of emotions you get when driving on Merrimon
19. Mela lunch buffet
18. Pigging out at Asiana free buffet on your birthday
17. You finally get to learn how to African drum while you live here
16. Visiting Hickory Nut Gap Farm
15. Music mostly every night of the week, and sometimes free!
14. Not really having to worry about fashion (sometimes a plus)
13. Doing a hokey but fun ghost tour
12. The Farmer’s Market is open all year round
11. Awesome local farms/shops at every tailgate market
10. The Grove Park Inn
9. The Orange Peel for shows
8. Emphasis on promoting small businesses
7. Hiking, backpacking, kayaking, biking, walking around in nature is all ten minutes away
6. Driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway when you have a bad day
5. People watching in downtown (best free entertainment)
4. Making friends with people of all ages, backgrounds here
3. When you move away and miss Asheville so much it hurts
2. The River Arts District: 12 Bones, Wedge, art studios, river views, Clingman Cafe, The Junction and many more
1. One of the most beautiful places to live in all the world!


mortheus March 18, 2014 - 3:13 pm


Big Al March 17, 2014 - 10:58 pm

If you think the drum circle is annoying, MOVE AWAY!.

Don’t really care for the Christmas Jam (just not my thing), but LOVE annual “Swannanoa Solstice” at DWT.

Marcie March 17, 2014 - 6:45 pm

One thing to add – We have a pretty remarkable City Council and County Commission that help make this place amazing.

ashevillain March 18, 2014 - 7:11 am


Big Al March 18, 2014 - 10:21 pm

Trained monkeys would be an improvement.

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