Weather woman Wunder set to return to WLOS morning show on Thursday


WLOS meteorologist Julie Wunder, whose voice problems have kept her off the air for extended periods of time the past couple of years, is set to return to her morning show duties on Monday. Doctors have approved her to return to work on a part-time basis, Wunder reports. She adds that she’s been back to work behind the scenes since Monday. Background on Wunder’s health issues, and recent sinus surgery, here.

From Wunder and her blog,

My doctors have cleared me to start doing shows on a part time basis! The plan is to be back for the morning show on Thursday. WOOP! My doctors don’t want to overload my voice too quickly, so they will be monitoring my progress and the goal is to be back to full time in several weeks.

My doctor said… “You don’t just jump into a marathon, you train for it… and your job is a marathon.”

(And I use the “marathon” analogy with respect and prayers for the tragedy in Boston- I’ll have more on that later this week)

And so I will train- just like with running it involves a buildup. For a few weeks I will be doing shows every couple of days. So if you don’t see me, I don’t want you to worry! I am FINE, I am just following the “training” plan.


CHCollins April 17, 2013 - 10:24 pm

What I have been wondering is: is WLOS management “enlightened” in terms of having given Julie plenty of time to return, or has their hand been forced by some labor or contract regulation? I would like to think the former, but I don’t know. I wonder how many other employers would have bailed out and hired a replacement by now, if this were the hospitality or restaurant business for example. I will be glad to see Julie on television again and wish her well.

Murphy April 17, 2013 - 2:49 pm

good to hear she is doing better …

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