Waynesville pastor changing his tune?


The Citizen-Times has the latest news update on the East Waynesville Baptist Church controversy – you know, the church that kicked out the Democrats.

Sounds like the pastor is trying to give himself a little wiggle room. He’s saying nobody was kicked out for political reasons. Maybe he has some other reason up his sleeve. Who knows.

Everybody and their brother was standing outside the church waiting to cover the story. We’ll see how this develops.

What a year for WNC. First we’ve got some guy (Maywes) in Fairview who puts a bounty out on Terry Schiavo’s husband’s head. Now this. Oh yeah, and we dredged up all the old Rudolph memories when he pleaded guilty. We’re never going to shake the stereotypes, are we?

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Hephaestion May 8, 2005 - 9:00 pm

Don’t worry. Folks know that Asheville is a cool place.

And those who are determined to think that every place in the South is 100% Redneck Freakshow will continue to do so even after Barney Frank is elected Governor of North Carolina and Gore Vidal is elected Governor of Georgia.
In other words, a handful of fools never see the light, but they’re only a handful of fools.

On the other hand, however, it is time for justice-minded Southerners to stand up and make their voices heard more loudly in opposition to the forces of Republican Evil that have washed over half of our country.

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