Twitter account parodies Asheville mayor


A new Twitter account pokes fun at Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy. If memory serves, this isn’t the first time someone has roasted Bellamy via the popular social media outlet. And it’s certainly not the first time that public figures in Asheville have been sent up on Twitter. In the most high-profile case, Chad Nesbitt, the former head of the Buncombe County Republican Party, was the target. The parody account earned the real Nesbitt a visit from the Secret Service.

Here are some of the tweets from the fake Bellamy Twitter account:

Bring me some coffee, you know how I like it. RT @gordondsmith: On my way to Housing &Community Development Committee mtg. #avlgov

Awwwww yeah! #avl

If you haven’t heard, I’m running for Congress. Here’s my website: It’s deliciously bland!

The things you learn at these retreats. Example: I had no idea @gordondsmith was married…to a woman. #avlpol

I’m not a very good tipper, which is to say I don’t tip, but I just assume my waiters are gay, and lord knows they don’t need more money.