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Ben July 2, 2018 - 5:42 pm

If you’re visiting any of the waterfalls mentioned in this video, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Don’t climb on or above waterfalls, and don’t jump into pools unless you really know the hydrology and the underwater risks. The top of a waterfall is an extraordinarily dangerous place. Five people have died at Western North Carolina waterfalls this year, including a death at the 100+ foot falls that is just downstream of Turtleback. There have also been deaths at Triple Falls in Dupont; and kayakers have drowned in the Green River, though I’ve never heard of swimmer fatalities there.

I’d also encourage folks like Jason who post videos of people climbing near waterfalls, or jumping into swimming holes below them, to provide more thorough safety information. It’s great to promote our local natural wonders, but in my view that promotion also comes with an opportunity (and responsibility) to educate about potential risks.

So for real – Have fun! AND be careful out there!

(FYI, the Citizen-Times has been doing an excellent job of covering waterfall safety over the last few months – they have several relevant articles on their homepage right now that are worth checking out.)

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