Top 10 reasons Moogfest may be dumping Asheville for Durham


From a loyal reader, in the wake of news that Moogfest organizers are considering moving the music festival from Asheville to Durham:

Top 10 Reasons Moogfest May Be Dumping Asheville for Durham

10. Ashevillians wary of losing another $180,000 in taxpayer funds.
9. New opportunities to teach people how to correctly pronounce “Moog.”
8. Fiscal conservatives in Durham less judgmental about a tech company that makes employees beg for a 50-cent raise.
7. Asheville already has enough non-profits named after Bob Moog.
6. Moog Music is jealous of the River Arts District’s reputation for being “sketchy.”
5. Harder for all the cool musicians to hang out on Chicken Alley at Make Noise.
4. Better chance a “job fair” will actually have jobs.
3. Durham establishing itself as a tourist destination for drug-crazed EDM fans.
2. Less chance of “scheduling conflicts” with Gov. McCrory.

And the number 1 reason Moogfest my be dumping Asheville for Durham:

Three words—Moog Filtered Cigarettes!

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Libertie January 21, 2015 - 9:12 am

Moog brings back its famed 1973 modular synthesizers:

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