Today: ‘Old Goats’ chew Cinema Society scenery


The Asheville Cinema Society will screen Old Goats on Tuesday, October 2.  The film begins at 7:15 PM at the Asheville Community Theatre on 35 East Walnut St.  Advance tickets are available online and remaining seats will be sold inside the Theatre lobby beginning at 6:45.

From the press release:

Old Goats is the story of three men who are very different, but the same in refusing to go quietly into a life of retirement and old age.  So set in their ways, they don’t feel (or act) as old as they look, and it drives the women in their lives crazy.  Audiences have been connecting with the true-to-life conversations and performances that make the film’s story more authentic than such slapstick, Hollywood films as Grumpy Old Men.  Old Goats is funny, heart-warming, and creates a thoughtful look at settling into the sunset years of life.

The 91 minute film  was written, directed, edited, filmed, and produced by Taylor Guterson…far from an old goat in his 20somethingness.  The work is unrated, but is considered closest to PG-13 for its adult language.