UPDATED 6:52 p.m. Tuesday — Theft from Gypsy Queen Cuisine food truck


UPDATE Tuesday evening from Megan Schiering of WLOS:

Police tell me they found your generators! An anonymous tip led them to an abandoned house off Sweeten Creek. The generators were inside. No suspects but detectives are trying to pull fingerprints off of them.


Chef Suzy Phillips and her Lebanese food truck have been robbed, not of cash or delicious food, but of $2k worth of equipment Phillips needs to keep her truck running. From Just Economics WNC on Facebook:

Someone robbed GQC Lebanese Street Food last night. Here is a description of the stolen goods… ” (2) Generators were stolen…both Troy built 5500 watts, Also, a red 100 ft 30 amp chord with a female 4 prong and a male 4 prong 220 Volts attachment, a 25 ft 20 amp chord with a female 4 prong and a male 4 prong 220 volt attachment, a 4ft extension 30 amp chord with the same attachments as my 100 ft, and one 4ft 30 amp chord with a 4 prong female end and a 3 prong twist lock male end, all chords are copper wired and worth around $500, generators are around $650 each” HELP ASHEVILLE… Let’s find the crook!

Other food truck vendors have stepped up to loan Phillips cords and a generator. She’s checking with her her insurance to see if the theft is covered. If not, she states she’ll hold a fundraiser.

Check out Gypsy Queen Cuisine on Facebook for updates.

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Doug Sahm August 22, 2012 - 10:29 am

Good to hear! One of my favorites.

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