The royal wedding: Ken and Barbie


Breaking news: 

The local TV station’s version of Ken and Barbie, are now married. We know this because the local TV station actually aired tape of said nuptials on two (count ’em, two) newscasts.

Candace Little and Scott Wickersham will now likely breed. This is a scary thought.

Candace is a former Miss Georgia who, according to the Georgia state House of Representatives’ legislation honoring her, said she wanted to go to medical school but actually ended up working as a Teleprompter reader who has big hair and lipstick that’s way too red. 

Scott is an airhead of the first class who actually states in his TV station bio that he has a cat named “Pooty.” (Candace’s cat is named “Darla.”)  His on-air personality is one of above-the-fray pomposity. Before hitting the anchor desk, his reporting was distinguished by standing in bad weather wearing very nice leather jackets.

Michelle Big-un, Julie “Life’s a Wonder” Wunder and Jen-X were also at the wedding, making it a regular par-tay. God help whoever was seated at their tables. 


pooty April 20, 2005 - 2:49 am

lol. What loser writes this crap website?

kitkatmews April 13, 2005 - 3:46 am

I wouldn’t want a cat named Pooty.

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