The Moth storytelling podcast coming to The Mothlight in Asheville in September


The Moth, a popular storytelling series and podcast, is coming to The Mothlight in Asheville starting in September. Sara Fields of Asheville will be producing the local event, which will be held monthly. The event is sponsored by WCQS, Asheville’s public radio station.

Here’s the announcement from The Mothlight:

The Moth: True Stories Told Podcast is coming to The Mothlight
Thursday, September 17 at 7 pm

Asheville StorySLAM: Firsts

FIRSTS: Prepare a five-minute story about your maiden voyage into uncharted territory. Wax on about your first: standing ovation, miserable failure, kiss, child, crisis of conscience, job, pet, toupee, trip overseas, exorcism, internet date, grandchild or fist fight. Grand openings, birth order, wild initiations, or milestones reached.

For more details on preparing a Moth story if you’d like to participate, follow this link:

It is brilliant and quietly addictive” – The London Guardian

“New York’s hottest and hippest literary ticket” – The Wall Street Journal

The Moth is an acclaimed not-for-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. It is a celebration of both the raconteur, who breathes fire into true tales of ordinary life, and the storytelling novice, who has lived through something extraordinary and yearns to share it. At the center of each performance is, of course, the story – and The Moth’s directors work with each storyteller to find, shape and present it.

Since its launch in 1997, The Moth has presented thousands of stories, told live and without notes, to standing-room-only crowds worldwide.

Moth shows are renowned for the great range of human experience they showcase. Each show starts with a theme, and the storytellers explore it, often in unexpected ways. Since each story is true and every voice authentic, the shows dance between documentary and theater, creating a unique, intimate, and often enlightening experience for the audience.

Moth stories dissolve socio-economic barriers, expose vulnerabilities, and quietly suggest ways to overcome challenges and see with new eyes.


AF August 27, 2015 - 11:50 am

I am a Moth addict, and I have a story prepared for this one, but I’ll be on a work trip that night. So bummed!

Sean August 26, 2015 - 2:29 pm

Will these be public performances? I’d like to watch.

Jessica August 26, 2015 - 1:21 pm


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