The Asheville Flyer, a new print monthly for kids, to debut


Here’s the basic 4-1-1 from Stu Helm, one of Asheville’s most talented graphic designers and the force behind the new Asheville Flyer, hitting streets in coming weeks:

ASHEVILLE FLYER FOR KIDS (aka AFK) is a free, monthly, newsprint paper, just for kids!

Each full color issue features jokes, puzzles, activities, and fun-sized tid-bits of awesomeness, all served-up with a sense of humor and a distinct local flavor!

Ashely Buncombe, T-Bone, Banjo the Whistlepig, & Black Cloud are among the recurring characters who cover local music, current fashions, crappy products, awesome places, festive local shops & restaurants, arts ‘n’ crafts, health ‘n’ safety… y’know, whatever!

AFK is not for your parents (although they will try to steal your copy for themselves, so hide it well or get two) and it is not full of boring articles about “parenting.” Yawn. Who cares? Figure it out.

Look for it at local shops & restaurants, as well as at your doctor’s & dentist’s office, all over Asheville, Weaverville, and Black Mountain.