I know the weather is going to be rainy and cold this week, but at least I’ll have the memory of today to get me through.

What an awesome day!

It was beautiful, and I was jonesin’ to get to work in the yard.
Pretty pansy
Me and Melissa went to Lowe’s after brunch at Tupelo Honey to start stocking. We bought some mulch, a few pansies (one of my favorite spring flowers), a couple of Gerber daises and a little pussy willow.

The little willow is beautiful. Everyone who walked by it commented. One woman stopped me to ask what it was and where I found it.

When we got home, I started by cleaning out the garage. You’ve got to have the inside clean before you can get started on the outside, right? I put the Christmas lights, which had been boxed up, under the house. I swept. I threw out a bunch of old cluttery stuff. And I tidied the rest.


Outside, I was all about pulling up some wild onions. We also bought a new raspberry plant to add to the now three-year-old raspberry and blackberry vines we’ve got going. I planted the newby in with the old canes, which are showing lots of new growth and have yielded incredible fruit each of the past two years.

I didn’t do much else, except walk around and enjoy the little surprises you can find in the yard this time of year. A crocus here. The daffodils there. Others that I can’t name.

The found flowers are the best.