Suds the brew cat protects beer and buddies up at Hendersonville’s Sanctuary Brewing


The folks at Dog Tag Art, the Asheville-based maker of awesome custom tags for pets, recently discovered one of the coolest cats on Western North Carolina’s craft beer scene: meet Suds the brew cat, who patrols, purrs and makes pals with the fine folks at Sanctuary Brewing in Hendersonville.

Sanctuary Brewing opened in the winter of 2015 as a craft brewery with a mission to support animal rescue operations. Owners Lisa McDonald and Joe Dinan soon realized that they would need the onsite expertise of just such a pet after realizing they had a rodent issue because of the grain they store on site for their beer-making.

The Sanctuary Brewing folks turned to the Working Cats Program at the Asheville Humane Society, which offers cats for adoption who aren’t suitable as house pets but can work as protectors of barns, outdoor areas and, it turns out, breweries.

Here’s more from the Dog Tag Art story by Natalie Chotiner on Suds the brew cat:

How would Suds rate Sanctuary Brewing as an employer? She has a great time. Having the run of a brewery and lots of people to love is a social cat’s dream. And Suds is social. When Lisa talked to Sud’s foster mom she was told that Suds was a bit reticent and anti-social. However, when Suds got to Sanctuary Lisa’s thought was “did they give me the wrong cat?,” Suds was almost immediately at ease and personable. Suds owns the place. She socializes with guests, checks out what they are drinking and their beer pairings, and sometimes helps herself to their water.

Read the full story here. Go visit Sanctuary Brewing to meet Suds.



TC Sandford June 9, 2016 - 11:28 am

Great cat.

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