lists 11 Asheville area ‘rising stars’ on list of 28 in North and South Carolina

Share, which bills itself as the magazine for culinary insiders, just published its list of 2013 rising stars in the Carolinas and why they shine. The list, which includes a total of about 30 folks from North and South Carolina, includes no less than 11 Asheville culinary movers and shakers. Incredible!

From Starchefs:

Chefs from Charleston to Asheville are raising the bar for creativity, and brewers, bakers, and chocolate makers are setting new standards for beer, bread, and bean to bar operations. These high water marks aren’t being set by lone riders blazing individual paths, there’s a sense throughout the region that a rising tide lifts all ships. Collaborations are flourishing and the number of excellent establishments isn’t finite. The community and camaraderie have clustered many Carolina restaurants and shops together at the top of the culinary charts.

The list of Asheville area folks is: Nate Allen, Brian Canipelli, Katie Button and Felix Meana, Matt Dawes, William Dissen, David Bauer, Mike Moore, Luke and Walt Dickson and Marshall Hance. I’ll let you click over and see who all is connected to what eatery. Suffice is to say that it is a “who’s who” list of the great and amazing list of culinary goodness we’ve got going on in Ashvegas. Rock!

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jtroop November 12, 2013 - 7:18 pm

Way to go Marshall!!

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