Southern Highland Handicraft Guild buys building in Biltmore Village


The Southern Highland Handicraft Guild recently bought a building on Lodge Street in Biltmore Village from French Broad River Basin Redevelopment LLC. The guild paid $725,000 for the building. I’m checking on what the guild’s plans are for the site.

 The guild is a venerable organization serving local artists and their fans. More about the guild:
Chartered in 1930, it would grow to become one of the strongest craft organizations in the country. Second in age only to the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts, the Guild now represents over 900 craftspeople in 293 counties of 9 southeastern states. The Guild has partnered with the National Park Service for more than fifty years. It operates the Blue Ridge Parkway’s Folk Art Center. For information on the Craft Fairs of the Southern Highlands, Special Events, the Folk Art Center, The Shops, Membership in the Guild and links to our members that are online, visit our site.


Nate June 29, 2012 - 8:05 am

You might want to mention that this is the majestic old bank building on Lodge Street, that has in the past been a number of different spas, financial services businesses, and the local Melting Pot franchise. It’s been empty for a couple of years, and everyone has been longing for a good tenant to take it over. Hard to imagine a better one than the SHHG. They got a good deal on the place, too … it was listed at about a million dollars about 12-18 months ago, and more recently was pegged at $850,000.

This is a perfect location for the Guild (MUCH, much better than their spot over on Tunnel Road), and should give a nice boost to the foot traffic on that side of Lodge Street. It should benefit the businesses on either side (the olive oil/balsamic store and the Village Wayside Bar & Grill) considerably, too. Here’s hoping they manage to get renovations made and the venue set up quickly!

Jason Sandford June 29, 2012 - 10:18 am

Nate, thanks for all the background. I hadn’t had a chance to delve in and check this out. I just saw the property transfer and figured something significant was up. Sounds like a great, high-profile move for the guild.

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