Satellite Gallery to host new exhibition by Asheville artist Hannah Dansie


Another great show from another great Asheville artist, Hanna Dansie. Here’s the press release. Mark your calendars:

Hannah Dansie – The Fishwife: An Exploration into Folklore, Myth & Legend

Opening Reception with the Artist (and Collaborators): Friday, August 7th 7-10 p.m.

Show runs from August 7th through September 20th.

The Satellite Gallery 55 Broadway, Asheville, NC Gallery

Phone: 828-505-2225

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Consider the power of stories. The threads of tales shared and passed down help weave the tapestry of who we are and how we see, interpret, and interact with the world around us. Stories connect us to each other and to the very core of what makes us human.

Hannah Dansie’s work has always come from a highly personal foundation where internal narrative is key. Her dreamlike landscapes populated by lone figures, mysterious dwellings, and an unfurling sense of birth and growth communicate a melancholic isolation but one that coexists in connection to something larger. It is this beautiful dichotomy of place and identity and the tension therein where her work resides.

Long drawn to the magic and mystery of myths and folklore, Hannah chose to turn her eye toward stories from cultures around the world, particularly some older and lesser known gems, as inspiration for her upcoming solo show. Highly illustrative in nature, these narratives, from origin stories to morality tales, provide ample room for truly fantastic visual exploration.

Approximately 25 works in total will be on display. And because some stories are made richer when shared, select collaborative works will be included. Local artist collaborators

include Sarah Cavalieri, Gus Cutty, Alli Good, Maxx Hawthorne-Fiest, Andy Herod, Nicole McConville, Josie Mosser, Lauren Patton, and Ian Wilkinson.

Hannah Dansie. Originally from Northern California, Dansie studied fine art at Central Saint Martins University in London, UK where she graduated with a BFA (honors) Degree in 2004, before moving to her current home in Asheville NC. Her work explores narratives that recognize the urgency and conflict in our continuing attempts to connect to the world around us. With influences derived from iconoclasm, folklore, and the natural environment, her images are indications of how we try to bridge ourselves to others and how these efforts are often episodes of compassion and discomfort. With her work she attempts to illustrate the ability to find commonalities and relationships between ourselves and our surroundings that inevitably confirm our greater humanity and quest towards love.

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