Rumor control: Could Asheville be getting TWO Trader Joe’s?


Last week, Trader Joe’s confirmed that it was planning to build a store on Merrimon Avenue in north Asheville. The confirmation ended years of speculation, but that doesn’t mean the rumors have stopped.

The latest scuttlebutt: That Trader Joe’s is continuing to look at a south Asheville location. Could Trader Joe’s be planning to build TWO stores in Asheville?

The latest talk about south Asheville isn’t new. A couple of weeks ago, Ashvegas noted that an Asheville resident said Trader Joe’s was going to build on Long Shoals Road. Cynthia Sprau posted on the Bring Trader Joe’s to Asheville FB page the following:

Traders has bought some land down near Long Shoals. Met the commercial realtor that was part of the deal. Yea!

That information flies in the face of the TJ’s confirmation about Merrimon Avenue on the north end of town. But I’m hearing this now from different sources.

So – I guess we’ll continue to keep our eyes on this one. Anyone have more info? Feel free to comment or email me at

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RE July 18, 2012 - 3:26 pm

So here is what I have seen the many times I drive by the so called south location every day. The location on Long Shoals next to CVS. (North side of road) has been surveyed twice in the last several months and again recently by another crew. The properties access would be 50/50 when it comes to putting yourself in harms way leaving it, If in fact the property is large enough. There is also the property across the street from McDonalds opposite corner. I think it is owned by some hospital and has left the gas station abandoned and the old Shoney’s flattened for at least a year. Lets hope there is another location being humored and we all can celebrate all over the county.

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