Root Bar boarded up in Swannanoa following ‘serious’ act of vandalism


Root Bar in Swannanoa is boarded up following a vandal’s attack on the bar.

Here’s what was posted Monday on the Root Bar’s page on Facebook:

The Root Bar fell victim to a rather serious incident of vandalism this morning. The mentally ill person who was responsible has been taken in to custody, and we are working hard to get the bar back in working order. We will be closed today Monday dec 14th, we hope to be back tomorrow. Stay tuned for details.
Special Thanks to our friend Miguel from Cacula for always being around when we need a hand.

Anyone know what happened? Was it something akin to the infamous pig’s blood incident at LAB?

Root Bar celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. Here’s a snippet:

The bar was first opened in 2004 by the mysterious Max Chain, the inventor of Rootball. The bar and game quickly gained a cult following. In 2007 Chain sold the bar to current owner, Terri Fisher, who built on Chain’s original vision; expanding the beverage menu and inviting a broad range of local and national musicians to perform. More importantly, Fisher recognized the bar’s value within the community.

Thanks to loyal reader Sean for the heads-up.


Scott December 17, 2015 - 1:37 am

That’s not Swannanoa. It’s Oteen.

luther blissett December 19, 2015 - 1:33 am

Technically, the Root Bar’s just outside the city limits, because the ‘welcome to Asheville’ sign on Tunnel Road is just west of its parking lot, at the bridge over the Swannanoa River. How you define Oteen’s a tricky question: is it entirely within the city limits? Is it the 28805 boundary? Where does Oteen stop and Riceville begin?

But the Root Bar definitely ain’t in Swannanoa. You don’t hit Swannanowhere till the next Ingles.

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