Review: Both endearing and revolting, Steve-O’s show in Asheville doesn’t disappoint



By Claire Clayton

Shocking, shameless and honest, Steve-O (Stephen Glover) did not disappoint on Sunday night at The Millroom. After interviewing Steve-O last week, I should have known better than to take my mother to his stand-up comedy show last night. But I soon found out that age doesn’t discriminate when it comes to his humor. From floppy-haired 16-year-olds to wine-sipping 60-somethings (Gascon was $6!) Steve-O made the room shake with laughter.

In my interview, Steve-O mentioned that he worried if people will show up to see his stand-up. No room for anxiety here – the Millroom was packed for a sold out show.

Illinois native, Kevin Kinner, took the stage right around 7:30 p.m. as Steve-O’s opener; “foreplay before the big act,” Kinner joked. As our “comedy vibrator” prepares us for the big show—history dick jokes and a few jabs at Paula Deen—Steve-O casually walked between rooms with a toothbrush in his mouth.

After Kinner, Steve-O hopped on stage and the entire room shifted and broke into a series of yelps and applause. I’m in a room full of dedicated Steve-O fans. The guy next to me is clapping and jumping up and down.

Steve-O begins his stand-up with a speech about no cameras during the show. He insists that after the show, he will not go anywhere until everyone who wants a picture with him has one, but for now, cameras off, people. I don’t know why, but it is really difficult for people to follow directions. Cameras flashing and people being obnoxious with their phones interrupt Steve-O and he reprimands them. Which is a funny sight to see.

Steve-O’s performance is boyish, disgusting and definitely shocking. I spent most of the night with my mouth open, both disturbed and amused. There were moments when his stories provoked my gag reflex – specifically one about an intimate experience with a farting hooker. But there’s something adorable about Steve-O, too. I know – he once chugged beer up his butthole. But seriously – he says the word wiener and cracks himself up before the joke is even out.

One of Steve-O’s first jokes addresses his sobriety. He says he’s allergic to drugs and alcohol. Quite literally, when he drinks he breaks out in handcuffs. He admits that when Johnny Knoxville is the one to instigate an intervention, you know you have some serious issues. I love his honesty. It’s endearing. Instead of patting himself on the back for his years of sobriety, he tells the audience that, unless you have a real problem, he doesn’t recommend being sober. I love that.

Steve-O also interacted with the audience quite a bit through the night. Three people in the front were subjected to a number of horrifying questions, such as: Do you have anal sex? How often do you jack off? What kind of porn do you like? They were great sports though, answering each question honestly (scary), even though the third person is their daughter. (About this time, the couple in front of me embraces, which which creeps me out.)

Steve-O talked about some of his crazy stunts on Jackass and explained that a lot of the work done was just trying to figure out what was possible. Could he fit a toy car up his asshole? Could he chug a beer through his nose? (Because first and foremost, those guys were “scientists.”) The entire night, Steve-O’s performance is theatrical. He re-enacts situations, imitates characters and jacks off the microphone.

At the end of the show, Steve-O does two “finales.” One involves a cup of water and the other involves him taking off all his clothes. It’s called “the double back.” For those of you who are not familiar with “the double back,” I’ll let your imaginations run wild. Or Google it.

Following through with his promise, Steve-O stays after the show to take a picture with everyone who wants one. This excites fans so much that a girl drops her pants and has Steve-O sign her butt cheek.

After getting my picture with him (fully-clothed), Steve-O gives me a signed copy of his New York Times bestselling memoir. I’m already on chapter 3. He is most certainly an interesting character with an interesting life. I will never forget taking my mother to see Steve-O’s stand-up comedy. Making memories for life.

Despite his disgusting humor and questionable opinion of women, Steve-O seems like an alright guy. It takes a lot of patience to take individual pictures with 200-plus people. If you enjoy humor that surrounds butt holes, blow jobs, hookers and the consistency of his sperm, you should probably follow Steve-O on his tour because these are all subjects he explores intimately. Visit for tour dates.

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Richard Gere October 27, 2014 - 9:45 pm

Great review of the show. The only two things that I would like to add are: the marketing for the show failed to mention that there would be 2 openers and that the two openers would be the exact opposite of funny.

I understand that comedians typically have people to “warm up the crowd”, but please make note of that in the shows promotion because some of these shows are ” an evening with” which means it’s just the one performer.

I would’ve enjoyed the show more if I didn’t have to sit through 2 hours of not funny before I actually got the see the act that I went to see.

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